Body Balm 50ml (Coconut Oil Base)


Body Balm 50ml (Coconut Oil Base) is a cannabis-infused lotion/balm, with coconut oil that is absorbed through the skin for localized relief of pain, soreness, and inflammation. Because it is non-psychoactive, topicals are often chosen by patients who want the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the cerebral euphoria associated with other delivery methods.

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This is a 100 percent organic product without any additives and preservatives and it is what we call a Cannabis topical, a great way to enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD without consuming cannabis. It is useful for a variety of people because it offers localized relief from minor aches and pains without the heady, psychoactive effects of smoking or ingesting the flower.

It is for external use only and can be applied in the following areas



Elbows, knees, and other joints


Soles of your feet

Back of the heel/foot


It functions best when used in conjunction with the Canna Spray

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