Welcome to King’s Miracle Cure online. Your trusted, one stop medicinal cannabis oil online store

The King’s Miracle Cure is a 100% pure organic oil-based (coconut/olive oil) cannabis extract without any impurities. It is made with people’s best interest at heart and we are now proud to offer our new range of products including Cannabis Oils, Canna Body Sprays, Body Balms and Capsules.


Our aim is to make the unconventional best natural medication available. After we realised the rising amount of people of all ages, from infants to pensioners ,paying large sums of money to get medication for their various illnesses.

Another reason we saw the need to develop this cure was based on the fact that synthetic medication is harmful in the long run and really does no good for most chronically ill patients.

Yet there is a God given cure which is derived from “Medical Cannabis” and it’s been neglected and being kept a secret.

If you would like assistance deciding which product is right for you, please get in touch with us! Our friendly staff have excellent product knowledge and years of experience treating patients just like you.